Friday, 10 June 2011

guess i am really stupid when it comes to computers

When i say i don't know i hoot about technological stuff people think i am just being modest. now less than 3 hours after i open a blog page, i don't know how to get to the blog anymore..

So how did i get here finally? funny story, after i had racked my head and gone through every page on my top sites including eBay (how stupid right?) i finally remembered that i had put up a link on Facebook to this blog and that was how i reconnected to it. wonder what i will do when the post with the link gets inaccessible due to time.
While i was lamenting on my very low intellectual prowess with any technological stuff it brought a question to mind. why are most women very unreceptive to any bit of technology? i mean name it remote controls, computer games, phones e.t.c. i have always wondered why we had to set the TV to the Africa Magic for my mom before we leave the house cos she wouldn't bother with it after we all gone or why my Iphone after such a long time of owning it is still the most under utilised "equipment" within 5 mile radius while my male friends have got all the "Apps" and stuff i don't even understand on theirs. it beats me!
Hopefully i would find my way back here again soon but till then if you find the answer to my query, drop a line and don't forget to stop by every now and again.......ciao mates!

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  1. lol..true talk ! women aren't just concerned about technology. my mom is mess..u cnt imagine!