Friday, 10 June 2011

yayyy finally figured out how to do this

Been wondering for a long time now how people set up blogs 9i have always wanted to have a blog) and today from the most unlikely source i found out. so amma start blogging....Nubian Duchess here!

i guess il get better as the days go by but just to let y'all know i will be talking about crazy everyday happenings that we all ignore but can be really funny. i have a very wild and humorous imagination so il be putting it to best use here but thats not all. i am also going to be blogging about some serious issues from the environment to cancer and to the little i know about technology (Heaven help me cos i know nothing about technology).

bottom line: keep watching this page.

P.S. a little girl inspired me today and i think it is worthwhile that we all give it a look and see what we can do for this inspirational young champ cos she is a winner! click on this link and get inspired to help. i teared up reading part of her blog. now i am thinking of teaming up with my mates to help make one wish come true.

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