Wednesday, 15 June 2011

In my head, i am on ToP Of tHe wOrLd! IaMjUsTsAYiNg

So today was one of those days...I had extreme of emotions. i gave some really encouraging advice to two friends yesterday (at least thats what they said) and i think, in a way, i encouraged myself too which made me happy. I woke up with a leap in my step this morning. humming my favourite tunes, nodding my head to the bangs of my favourite rock songs (yes. I love rock) and appreciating how green the grass was and how peaceful the mornings are and all the mushy mushy stuff people say about nature. That was in the morning.

 Early noon ushered in part two - the other extreme. I got really sad about recent issues concerning me and how helpless I was about them and all that stuff so much so that I started to tear up while working (I almost embarrassed myself there. Thank God for the "dust in my eye" excuse that I had ready in case anyone noticed. phew!) and i went on about how it should not be happening to me and how I deserve better, feeling sorry for myself and stuff and then I read the obituary of a very successful person who is probably laying on an embalming table at the moment. I then realised how selfish i was being. I thought of so many other folks and their issues and how more pressing it seems for them to have a breakthrough. again, I pinched myself for being selfish. bottom line is i realised today that what ever is happening to anyone, you not worst off. There are people out there with mammoth size issues. people living with the worst of your worst case scenario. people who will trade anything to be in my position. My personal motto has always been "life's too short; you live only once". so I am saying now as long as you have life and breathe, appreciate it cos life is fleeting, transient, here today gone tomorrow. tooooooo short to be wasted on unhappy things and please never regret nothing and never be to unhappy to laugh at yourself.

Iamjustsaying.....i have got tonnes of problems but i don't have the worst and so i can still laugh, play and be happy cos as long as i don't have a sentence on me or dead then there is hope. so today my heart goes out to the family of Late (now thats an issue) Tayo Aderinokun. May His soul rest in peace! i didn't know ya but i feel terrible and sad whenever anyone dies...its so hard to imagine the other side of life (story for another day). Rest in Peace Tayo.


  1. Raging hormones! A classic case of PMS :) d morning, it will b all ova.

  2. Wonderful piece, tru talk abt worst case scenarios